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A child support agreement is one of the most crucial things to get right during divorce proceedings, as it sets up one of the most impactful financial elements after divorce. In Minnesota, courts use a financial support calculator as a tool to impact the child support decision.

Child support agreements are usually determined based on:

  • Income levels of both spouses
  • Number of children (including children from other partners)
  • Medical costs involved with the child(ren)
  • Child care costs
  • Spousal support levels
  • Parenting time arrangements

While courts rely on a child support calculator to decide the financial responsibilities of the parents, there are a number of ways that a skilled attorney can work to adjust a child support resolution that is fair for all parties involved.

Based in St. Cloud, we at Carlson Law Firm, P.A., will work directly with you to understand your family's unique dynamics and financial needs. From there we will do everything possible to reach a support schedule that helps foster your well-being and financial health.

Additionally, should your current child support order be out of date and inaccurate, our office will work with you to modify the child support order to accurately reflect both parties' finances and budget.

If your former spouse does not pay on his or her obligations, we can work with the courts to set up wage/income withholding, intercept tax refunds, and even set up punishments such as the revocation of the spouse's driver's license or jail time.

To get in touch and schedule a free initial consultation with our lawyer to discuss modification of child support and other family law issues, call 320-247-4545 or email the firm.

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